Mobile Marketing Strategies For Today's Businesses

Mobile marketing is one of the most relevant current marketing trends. Companies should develop a strategy and then explore the many avenues for reaching customers who use mobile devices.

Businesses need to set a mobile marketing strategy before deciding which methods they want to use. Strategy starts by setting the objectives for mobile marketing. Then, businesses should identify their target market and decide which metrics they will use to measure success. The right avenue for mobile marketing will be the method that allows the company to connect with its customers, meet its objectives and measure the effectiveness of the strategy. To maximize their mobile marketing dollar, companies should follow a few simple tips.

Be Easy To Find

Customers on the go will not have the time to memorize and type in long URLs. This means that customers on-the-go will need to be able to find the company website easily through search engines and through services like Google Maps. Keeping both the physical and online commerce hubs easy to find will ensure that customers will take the time to connect.

Explore Social Media

Apps for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are easy to access on mobile devices. Inserting content, discounts or offers into customers' Twitter feeds or Facebook news feeds will be an easy way to reach customers on their smart phones. A well-timed tweet may encourage customers to click on the company website or venture into the store for a limited-time deal.

Use Text Messaging

While many parents have also become text savvy, text messaging is still the preferred way to reach the teen market. Daily deals or notices like those found on Groupon or Living Social make the perfect material for a perfectly timed text message. Where an email may not be accessed while a customer is away from the computer, a text message will reach them at any location. A text message will also be shorter and easier to quickly scan than an email.

Consider An App

New mobile applications are exploding onto the marketplace every day. Cutting through the clutter and getting noticed is difficult but not impossible. Companies may want to charge for their app in order to generate revenue, but free apps are growing at a much faster rate than apps that customers have to purchase.

Make The Company Website Mobile-Friendly

Customers can access a company's Internet-optimized website from their smart phone, but they will have no desire to wade through tiny print or to try in vain to tap miniscule links. Companies have to create mobile-friendly versions of their websites that customers can quickly scan to find important information. Links and fonts should be large enough to tap and read, respectively. Also, mobile sites should be quick to load so that customers have the quick access that suits their busy schedules.

Forrester Research has discovered that mobile marketing is on the to-do list of three out of four marketers in 2011. If a business has not started developing a mobile strategy, then that business is behind the curve. To stay relevant, businesses need to wade into the world of the smart phone sooner rather than later.