SMS Marketing Strategies That Customers Will Appreciate

SMS marketing transmits offers and valuable content to customers via text message. A few simple strategies will ensure that customers opt in to SMS for the long term.

Short Message Service marketing, or SMS marketing, involves using text messages to transmit content or offers to customers. This low-cost, high-return marketing method will provide an effective platform for reaching mobile customers when utilized effectively. Customers will appreciate SMS marketing when companies follow a few simple guidelines.

Full Disclosure

When customers opt in to SMS from a company, they should know immediately approximately how many messages they will receive and how to opt out if they choose. Businesses can make it easy for customers to opt in by creating a single keyword that will link customers to a mobile messaging list. However, businesses should take great care with the information that they acquire from customers. No mobile messaging list should ever be sold to another business or another party.

Build Customer Relationships

SMS can deliver promotions, sales information and new product information to customers on a regular basis. When customers patron a business, the business can send them coupons via SMS as a reward for their loyalty. To further personalize the customer experience, businesses should tailor the messages to a specific store or location. Also, not every customer needs to receive every text message that the company sends out.

Link SMS With Other Advertising Strategies

In addition to providing mobile keywords to allow customers to opt in to a mobile messaging list, companies should create opt-in points on social media sites, like Facebook pages or Twitter feeds. All print advertising should also feature opportunities for customers to sign up for SMS. Companies may add SMS information to business cards, email signatures and blogs in order to reach the highest number of customers with their text messaging opt-in opportunities.

Send Timely Messages

Ensuring that SMS is timely depends on a company's knowledge of its customers. Companies, for instance, need to know which time of day to send text messages in order to generate the best responses. So that the market does not become saturated, companies should send a limited number of text messages. Limiting the number of messages and enclosing limited time offers in the messages will heighten customer anticipation and increase conversion rates.

Adapt To the Medium

Marketers will have 160 characters with which to get their message across. Using standard abbreviations is acceptable when the message will not otherwise fit, but companies should draw the line at informal language like slang or off-color material. Making snarky comments or using double entendre will give customers an impression that the business is unprofessional. Companies should front the message with words like "coupon" or "sweepstakes" that tell customers exactly what the message conveys. All messages should include the business name and contact information so that important information is not mistaken for spam.

SMS marketing provides a low-tech, low-cost way to connect customers with important content and enticing values. When tied in with other aspects of the company's marketing strategy, SMS will provide a crucial platform for regular customer contact. Considering its ease of use and high redemption rate, companies must incorporate some form of SMS into their mobile marketing strategy.