Effective Mobile Apps For Constant Customer Contact

Effective mobile apps allow businesses to tailor their offerings to the ways customers use their mobile devices. With a well-designed app, businesses will provide the ideal customer experience no matter where the customer is located.

Many mobile applications exist in today's marketplace, and standing out in the crowded Android Market or iTunes Store is no easy task. However, customers who are looking for a way to stay in touch with their favorite businesses will often search for a mobile app in their favorite app store. To create the best customer experience, businesses should follow five main tips when creating mobile apps.

Create A Holistic Experience

A mobile app should serve as an extension of a business website. The colors, themes and content should be an extension of the mobile website with added features for the convenience of the customer. Target's mobile app provides popular features from the Target website, including product search and store locator. However, the app also takes into account the needs of mobile users by providing an area to create shopping lists and the chance to peruse the weekly ad.

Keep It Bare Bones

A good mobile app should provide website content without any unnecessary graphics. In addition, the app should present content first and then present the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. Layout should be vertical so that customers do not have to attempt to navigate left-to-right. Each screenshot should provide only the minimum information necessary; for additional content, developers can add buttons that will navigate to other stripped-down pages.

Utilize Hardware To Its Full Extent

Smart phones come with a variety of services that mobile apps should be able to exploit. On the Nokia phone, ShoZu uses the GPS to automatically tag a photo's location before uploading the photo to Flickr. Nokia Sports Tracker utilizes GPS to provide a map and stats to go along with each workout. By utilizing the hardware that the smart phone has to offer, apps will expand the services that they can deliver to customers beyond just the scope of their company website.

Customize Apps For Every Device...To A Point

Each mobile platform has its own individual requirements and quirks. Writing individual versions of an app for each device will take more time but will also provide a better customer experience. At the same time, businesses have to consider their budget. Financial constraints will mean scalability over certain devices and operating systems.

Maintain Customer Security

Businesses should respect the security of customer by encrypting any data that is transferred through the network. Also, companies should secure customer data that is stored in their servers. Customers prefer that companies do not access the data that is already existing in their mobile phone. Businesses should respect the privacy of customers and refrain from accessing unauthorized data.

Businesses that decide to develop mobile apps should create the ideal mobile experience for their customers. The app should be both immediately and consistently gratifying, and any upgrades should take customer feedback into account. By presenting customers with a mobile app, businesses will be adding significant value to their mobile marketing message.