Mobile Marketing Campaigns With Google AdWords

Companies that have limited experience with mobile marketing campaigns can use their knowledge of Google AdWords to jump into the mobile market. Google Analytics and the Google Keyword Tool will provide valuable information about how mobile users interact with the company website.

Many people who want to launch mobile advertising campaigns fail to start because they fear that they do not have the appropriate tools. However, companies that are already using Google Analytics have everything that they need to establish a mobile presence. The following steps will help businesses to get started with their mobile Google AdWords campaign.

Establish a Mobile Website or Landing Page

Companies can easily make their website friendly to mobile devices or develop mobile-friendly landing pages. Mobile-friendly pages are customized for smart phone screens and designed for quick loading and easy navigation. However, if companies do not have a mobile-friendly website, they may still try a mobile campaign. Testing the campaign will help businesses to see how mobile-friendly their actual website is. If the regular website functions acceptably, then businesses can start developing a mobile strategy without developing a mobile website.

Determine How Mobile Visitors Use The Company Website

Google Analytics will provide businesses with reports about how mobile visitors make use of their sites. Even when companies do not advertise directly to mobiles, customers will still find the company via search engine or browser. One analytic to consider is the bounce rate for mobile devices. If people who access a website with mobile are leaving quickly, then businesses should invest in making a mobile-friendly transition. The mobile reports for Google Analytics are broken down by device type and by carrier so that companies have specific information about how their business plays on particular devices.

Understand How Customers Search For The Company

Using Google Keywords, business owners can find out how their website keywords play with mobile users. In the Advanced Settings section, owners can select different devices under the section entitled, "Show Ideas and Statistics For." Companies should then select mobile devices with internet browsers in the menu to see statistics related to their keywords.

Create a Mobile AdWords Campaign

The easiest way to create a mobile AdWords campaign is to mimic an existing campaign that targets laptops and desktops. Businesses can simply copy and paste their desktop campaign into AdWords Editor and select mobile devices as the targeted setting. Businesses can target specific devices, like Android phones or iPhones, as well as specific carriers. In addition, businesses can adjust certain settings like their ad text or their bidding processes to fit the needs of the mobile user.

For companies that are already familiar with Google AdWords, launching a mobile campaign is simply a variation on a theme. With a targeted mobile campaign, businesses will discover how well their current web design is translating to mobile devices. Then, businesses will know whether investing in a specific mobile-friendly version of their site is worthwhile. Most likely, the answer will be "yes."